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Our Vision

Our goals for St. Luke’s in 2020 are bold and exciting. We will invest in six areas of ministry both to help members of St. Luke’s to grow in their faith and to engage new people to join us in the life of our parish. Those areas are:


• Ministry to Children and Families
• Traditional Worship and Music
• Contemporary Worship

• Parish Life
• Outreach Ministries
• Building and Grounds


We can only achieve these goals with your support. We need our overall pledging this year to increase by at least 10%. We all have a key role in this mission. We are called to explore our faith, serve others, and invite people to join us. This requires a commitment of our time, talent, and money.

We are so grateful for each person who considers St. Luke’s their home and we are so excited about where God is leading this parish!

Gary L. Ulrich
Senior Warden

Jamey P. Ryan
Junior Warden

Linda Cox
Stewardship co-chair

Judy Bergen
Stewardship co-chair

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at St. Luke's

Children & Families

Rachel LarleeIn 2019, St. Luke’s launched a children’s music program in conjunction with the Park Cities Day School, led by Rachel Larlee, a veteran children’s music teacher. The children will sing at special holiday services at the church and parent programs. And in August, St. Luke’s held its first Vacation Bible School in several years, made possible by your support and the efforts of faithful volunteers.

David Miller FamilyOur vision for 2020: “One of the keys to our growth will be a greater investment in the children and family ministries. With your support we will bring an additional person onto the team to focus specifically on children and families.”
The Rev. David Miller
Associate Rector for Families
and Evangelism

Traditional Worship

David Miller FamilyIn 2019, Joshua Boyd, an accomplished organist, joined St. Luke’s as Organist and Choirmaster. Under his leadership, the St. Luke’s Choir enhanced its worship offerings with chanted Psalms and liturgically-themed anthems. A “Choral Scholars” program was initiated to attract talented and enthusiastic high school juniors and seniors from local choral programs to be immersed in an ensemble and the tradition of the Episcopal church. In addition, a concert season was developed to promote special events featuring the historic Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ in the church. This concert series is a way for the church to engage with local and national artists.

David Miller FamilyOur vision for 2020: “When building a choral program it is vital to have a strong foundation that will inspire and engage people with the music program. To do this I would like to add one section leader to our choir to help strengthen the foundation and enhance the worship experience. To make this possible, it is vital that the music budget is expanded.”

Joshua Boyd
Organist and Choirmaster

Contemporary Worship

David Miller FamilyIn September 2019, we started our highly-anticipated Contemporary service, bringing an alternate style of worship that is more attractive to younger families, those wanting a more relaxed worship experience, or those not as familiar with Episcopal liturgical traditions. Equipment for the service was funded, in part, by a grant from the Episcopal Foundation of Dallas.

Contemporary Service LaunchOur vision for 2020: “Our contemporary music is currently led by two musicians: a keys player and me, vocalist and guitar. Our vision is to add a third musician each week; a female vocalist who will also bring a different string-sound to the team by, ideally, playing the cello or violin.”

Austin Cope
Contemporary Music Leader

Parish Life

Parish Life Presiding Bishop CurryIn September 2019, St. Luke’s launched an initiative “How to Grow St. Luke’s: Our Mission Together,” which will be a guide for our personal and parish mission into the future. In a special message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, he challenged St. Luke’s: “Explore, Serve, Invite! Be the Jesus movement now in the 21st Century, and make a difference for the way of love. Our lives are bound together that we might bring love to one another and the community around us.”

Kim KittleOur vision for 2020: “We have a vision for an increasingly dynamic parish in the coming years which will bind our lives together, bringing love to one another and our community. We plan to bring a nationally-recognized spiritual leader to conduct a women’s retreat and preach on Sunday, inspiring the entire parish to explore our faith more deeply. All of our efforts to explore, serve and invite require a commitment of time, talent, and treasure from each of us. Please prayerfully consider your pledge this stewardship season.”

Kim Kittle
Vestry Member


KramerIn 2019, Outreach is one of the hallmarks of St. Luke’s ministry. Our Plaid Door resale shop ministry continues to grow, benefitting patrons and many local outreach programs. We feed and walk alongside those in need through our Austin Street Sandwich Ministry, and our ministry with The Gathering. We provide medical supplies and one week each year serving our neighbors in Honduras. We contribute to those at home through North Dallas Shared Ministries and the Gateway of Grace. We began two new ministries this year: Blessing Bags for the homeless, and a partnership with Kramer Elementary educators to “Ignite the Love of Learning” in their 600+ students.

Austin Street Rosemary at alOur vision for 2020: “One of the fundamental calls of a church is to serve others. Our vision is that, as individuals, each member will continue to reach out in many ways to serve those in need. In addition, a strong stewardship season will allow St. Luke’s as a church to invest our resources in ministry with our neighbors.

The Venerable Rosemary Trei
Archdeacon, Diocese of Dallas.

Buildings & Grounds

Buildings and GroundsIn 2019, There were several improvements to the church’s facilities and operations under the direction of Rich Snider, Parish Administrator. Air conditioning enhancements to the Education Building and the Park Cities Day School, and utilizing the Chapel for worship services lowered energy costs. Repairs were made to Harman Hall, the kitchen, the Scout Hut, and parking lots – including new striping. Work began late in the year on installation of a new columbarium and reflection area.

Buildings and Grounds twoOur vision for 2020: “Completion of the new columbarium and reflection area will create another sacred space for parishioners, as well as improve the general landscaping of the campus. Maintenance and enhancements to St. Luke’s aging facilities will require increasing financial resources, and development will begin on planning for the future campus needs.”

Jamey Ryan
Junior Warden