Give Online

Welcome to St. Luke's online giving page. To begin, click on the green "GIVE ONLINE" link on the right. If you have any questions about this system, contact Susie Pepitone at stlukessusie@hotmail.com.

  1. You can make a pledge payment ("Pledges Current Year") or an unpledged donation ("General Operating Donations") in the dropdown menu which will appear after you sign in.

  2. If you select “Altar Flowers”, the minimum donation is $70. After completing your donation, please contact Susie Pepitone at stlukessusie@hotmail.com to schedule the date on which flowers are to be given and to provide the commemorative information that will appear in the service leaflet.

  3. If you select “Memorial Gifts”, please provide the name of the person in whose memory your donation is being made in the “Other Comments” box.