Stewardship 2022

Dear Friends: Gary L. Ulrich, Senior  Warden

What St. Luke’s has been able to accomplish this year has been phenomenal. Despite the pandemic, a winter storm that caused significant damage, and financial uncertainty, our church has completed reconstruction of our education building destroyed by the 2019 tornado, relocating the staff and Park Cities Day School into the restored facility; successfully completed a capital campaign to build a new parish hall, surpassing our $1.75 million goal; continued to grow our membership by significantly enhancing our worship experience and reaching out to new members through technology.

Despite the hardships, St. Luke’s has continued to gather momentum and is moving into a new chapter of service to our parish and our community. We need you to help sustain this momentum and to make it even stronger by renewing your pledge or making a new pledge to our church’s operating budget for 2022.

In light of the capital campaign, your Vestry has developed a budget that calls for no overall increased spending next year. If you made a pledge this year, please renew it at the same level. (Of course, if you would like to increase your pledge, we would be most grateful.) If you haven’t pledged, please consider joining us on this great adventure.

Next year, 2022, will not be financially easy. But your Vestry and Clergy are committed to using the funds you provide to build innovative, creative, and exciting ministry opportunities that will energize your spiritual life and make St. Luke’s a beacon of Christian love and concern in our community.

Gary L. Ulrich, Senior Warden

Dear Friends: Gary L. Ulrich, Senior  Warden

We have just completed a successful Capital Campaign which enables St. Luke’s to build a new Parish Hall and Plaza with a modern kitchen and elevator, significantly improve and beautify our campus, and reduce the debt that has stifled our ministries for so long. This has been a transformational step for the future of our church.

Now it is time to refocus our efforts on current issues so that we can continue to grow St. Luke’s into the church God is calling us to be. Our annual stewardship campaign ensures that we will meet today’s needs; providing meaningful and inspiring worship, studying and learning God’s word, building a community that reaches out in love and care to help each other and our neighbors, and, yes, paying our bills.

Ultimately, our stewardship campaign is not about money. It’s about love: loving and praising our God, and loving our neighbors as ourselves. That is why this stewardship booklet is different from most. It focuses less on dollars and cents, and more on what our church is called to be and who we are becoming because of the support of our parish. Instead of focusing on the financial resources, we are focusing on the opportunities that your generosity makes possible. You will read about:

St. Luke’s as a church… for worship.
St. Luke’s as a church… for fellowship and joy.
St. Luke’s as a church… where you can serve our neighbors.
St. Luke’s as a church… where you can grow in your knowledge and love of God.
St. Luke’s as a church… called to help God’s love break into our community and the world.

St. Luke’s is a church… because of you.

Thank you for all you do for St. Luke’s, especially in this stewardship season. Thank you for your financial support, making all of this possible. After all, St. Luke’s is not just a church; it’s our church, where God welcomes us as family – as brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you!

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Mark S. Anderson, Rector

St. Luke’s is a church...

... for praising God

By kneeling at the Altar, to lifting our voices in song, to serving in worship, we praise God each week for the many blessings we receive. At more than 200 individual services each year, volunteer ministries enhance our worship experience: the Altar Guild; the Acolyte, Chalice Bearer, Lector corps; the Hospitality, Welcoming, and Usher committees. Through growing our technology we have built a digital congregation around the country.

St. Luke’s is a church...

... for exploring God’s word.

Weekly Bible studies explore the meaning and depths of God’s holy scriptures both in-person and online. Sunday formation classes examine issues facing God’s people in a complex and complicated world.

Early morning email devotionals offer encouragement and hope for a challenging day. In-depth study of the books of the Bible let us understand how God works in the world through people of faith.

St. Luke’s is a church...

... that cares.

Celebrating the good times and offering comfort in stressful times, St. Luke’s reaches out with care and compassion to God’s people. We rejoice at the baptism of our children, at the weddings of family, at the graduation of friends. The Prayer Ministry and Daughters of the King wrap in love those who grieve and those in pain. Our clergy, discreetly and confidentially, offer spiritual guidance for any facing distress.

St. Luke’s is a church...

... for community service.

St. Luke’s practices Christ’s commandment to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” reaching out to those in need. The Plaid Door, our resale outlet, provides shoppers with gently-used clothing and furnishings, with proceeds supporting church and community charities, Blessing Bags packed with hygiene and nutritious food items are given to street-corner persons, the Sandwich Ministry provides meals for the homeless at Austin Street Center, the Honduras Ministry sends medical supplies and support teams to Honduran communities, Volunteer teams provide tutoring and support to Kramer Elementary School and Park Cities Day School on our campus, and the St. Clare’s Guild knits nearly 300 scarves each year to be given to the homeless at Thanksgiving.

St. Luke’s is a church...

... for fun and fellowship.

We believe God loves a good party and St. Luke’s takes every opportunity to get together and share God’s love and abundance. Whether a daytrip to a special place like the Arboretum; Trunk or Treat Halloween excitement for the kids (and adults); the Blessing of the Animals; the fall Rally Day kickoff; or the Italian Dinner Extravaganza under the stars, St. Luke’s people find fun and fellowship together.

St. Luke’s is a church ... for God’s people

St. Luke’s is a church ... because of YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

We just completed a capital campaign. Why are you asking for a stewardship pledge?
The capital campaign was to raise money to construct a new parish hall and plaza, and to finance needed improvements to our campus. If you made a commitment to the capital campaign we are most grateful! However, our annual stewardship provides the money necessary to run St. Luke’s ministries of worship and music, pastoral care, outreach to the needy in our community, Christian formation, and fellowship with one another. And, stewardship is what pays the utility bills, maintains our facilities, and compensates our clergy and staff. In light of the capital campaign, we are not asking parishioners to increase their giving, but rather to renew their pledge at its current level.

What does a pledge to St. Luke’s mean?
A pledge to St. Luke’s means that you have stated your intention to fulfill a defined, annual monetary gift that supports the operational budget of the church.

What does the operational budget of the church support?
The operational budget supports all of St. Luke’s ministries: Pastoral Care, Outreach, Worship & Music, Christian Formation, and Administration (utilities, building & grounds, supplies, staffing)

What percentage of the church’s annual budget is supported by pledges?
More than 50 percent of St. Luke’s operations are supported by pledges. Additional support comes from grants from the St. Luke’s Foundation, rent from Park Cities Day School, contributions from The Plaid Door proceeds, and employee parking revenues from the shopping center.

How can I make a pledge?
To make a pledge, you can fill out a pledge card that is included with this brochure, while you are at church, you can go online to, or you can contact Susie Pepitone at

How do I pay my pledge?
A pledge can be filled at a frequency of your choosing (weekly, monthly, or annually) by check, credit card, or cash. If you have any questions or want to consider another method of payment contact Susie Pepitone at

What happens if the state of my finances changes and I am unable to fulfill my pledge?
If the state of your finances changes, please know that we are grateful for your intensions to support St. Luke’s ministries and as your church we are here for you. Please let us know that you are unable to fulfill your pledge by contacting Susie Pepitone so that we can adjust our budget expectations accordingly. All conversations are confidential and pastoral support is available if you need it.

Doesn’t putting money in the offering plate serve the same purpose as making a pledge?
Putting money in the offering plate is a wonderful practice, but it does not take the place of making and fulfilling a pledge. The church’s budget is based on the financial commitments parishioners make in their pledge. We cannot prepare a budget based on plate offerings.

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